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[services2 icon=”cogs” color=”light” heading=”Thinking Creatively” link=”” link_text=”” animate=”none” delay=””]Focus Group Facilitation/Research
Creative Concepts
Strategic Planning/Analysis
Political Consultation/Strategy[/services2]
[services2 icon=”bar-chart” color=”light” heading=”Managing Expertly” link=”” link_text=”” animate=”none” delay=””]Branding
Public Relations
Copywriting/Speech Writing[/services2]
[services2 icon=”paint-brush” color=”light” heading=”Creating Brilliantly” link=”” link_text=”” animate=”none” delay=””]Electronic/Print Media
Graphic Design/Photography
Special Events[/services2]

ADI Georgia, Inc. is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. No matter what size your company may be, we can help with every aspect of marketing your services. When we get creative…you get results.